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Fonda/Stevens Group

“The Wish”
The Fonda/Stevens Group

“Parallel Lines”
The Fonda/Stevens Group

“Live at Alte Paketpost” The Fonda/Stevens Group

“The Healing” The Fonda/Stevens Group

“Memphis”  The Fonda/Stevens Group

“Live from Katowicz” Fonda/Stevens Trio plus “2”

“Live at the Bunker” The Fonda/Stevens Group

“Forever Real”  The Fonda/Stevens Group

“Twelve Improvisations” The Fonda/Stevens Group

“Live from Brugge” The Fonda/Stevens Group

“Trio”  The Fonda/Stevens Group Trio

“Live from Spielboden” The Fonda/Stevens Group

“Folk Five” The Fonda/Stevens Group
The Fonda/Stevens Group

Conference Call Quartet

 “Variations on a Master Plan”

Conference Call

“Conference Call”

“Live at the Outpost Performance Space” Conference Call

“The Final Answer” Conference Call

“What About….?”  Conference Call Quartet

“Poetry in Motion” Conference Call

“Spirals – the Berlin Concert” Conference Call

“Seven” Conference Call Quartet

Eastern Boundary Quartet

“Live at Jazzforum Bayreuth” Eastern Boundary Quartet 

“Live at De Werf Eastern Boundary Quartet”  Artists Recording Collective

“Icicles”  Eastern Boundary Quartet

“Eastern Boundary Quartet”

Lillard/Stevens Group

“Living Green World Blues” Art Lillard & Michael Jefry Stevens

“Original Music for Septet” Art Lillard – Michael Jefry Stevens 

“Forgotten Wish” Art Lillard – Michael Jefry Stevens Quartet

Solo Piano

“The Survivor´s Suite:
Michael Jefry Stevens “Solo Piano

“Portrait in Red, Michael Jefry Stevens” Solo Piano

“Lazy Afternoon, Michael Jefry Stevens” Solo Piano

Piano duo/trio/quartet

Michael Jefry Stevens Quartet
“The Slope”

“For Andrew” Michael Jefry Stevens Trio

“Red’s Blues” Michael Jefry Stevens Quartet

“Get Out of Town”  Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson

Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson

Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson Trio

“Points of View”  Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson

“For the Children” Michael Jefry Stevens Quartet

Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson

“One of a Kind” Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson

“Duets” Stevens – DeCristofaro – Artists Recording Collective (ARC)

Wadopian/Stevens duo
“Mountain Song”

“Side Effects – Trio Generations” Artists Recording Collective” ARC

“Trading Post” 
Southern Excursion Quartet

Vocal Projects

“In the Tradition” Stevens, Cayolle, Wires

Michael Jefry Stevens Trio
ft. “Joyce Cobb”

“Only Love” Griffith/Stevens Quartet Artists Recording Collective – ARC

“Any Other Time” Nicole Metzger

“That’s What I Want to Do” Nicole Metzger and the NY Connection

“Perfect Dream”

Wendy Jones Quartet

Griffith/Stevens Quartet

Completely Improvised Music

“Shifting Moods” In Transit Quartet

“The Wall” Brain Inventory Trio

Minasi/Stevens Duo
“Angel’s Dance”

“Anzix” Szilard Mezei/Michael Jefry Stevens Duo

“Upcast” Szilard Mezei/Jon Hemmersam/Michael Jefry Stevens Trio

“Equinox” The Equinox Trio

“Elements” Stevens/Duval Quintet

“The Core-tet Project”

“Moving Stills” In Transit

“Duets for Percussion and Piano” Michael Jefry Stevens/Phil Haynes 

“Haiku” Michael Jefry Stevens/Mark Feldman – Leo Records

“Play” Michael Jefry Stevens/Michael Rabinowitz

“Short Stories”  Michael Jefry Stevens/Mark Whitecage

Special Projects

“Brass Tactics”

“The Innocence of Spring” Don Aliquo/
Michael Jefry Stevens

“Live at Streamside”
Michael Jefry Stevens Octet 

“Michael Jefry Stevens” Mountain Chamber Jazz Ensemble

“Flow” The Generations Quartet 

Collector's Items

“Today, this Moment” The Mosaic Sextet

“Mosaic Sextet”

Mark Whitecage and Liquid Time

“The Hand of Poetry”

Projects with Jon Hemmersam

“Dear Jonas” Jon Hemmersam/Michael Jefry Stevens Duo

“Freedom of Choice” The Jazzic Trio

“Tale of Two in One”
Jon Hemmersam

“Remembering the Future” Jon Hemmersam Group


“Novella” Sorgen, Rust, Stevens Trio

“Decade” Sorgen, Rust, Stevens Trio

“A Scent in Motion” Sorgen, Rust, Stevens Trio

As a Sideman

“Bottoms Out” Joe Fonda/Scott Miller Ensemble

 “Hop Frog”  Ewald Hugle Quartet

“Conversations With The Jokers”
Katie Bull

“Love Spook”
Katie Bull

Jeff Marx Quartet

“The Story so Far”
 Katie Bull

“No Pork Long Line”
Lily White

“Big Blue line”
Lily White

“Somewhere Between Truth and Fiction”
Lily White

“Senza Fine”

Julie McConnel