Michael Jefry Stevens

Michael's Discography

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“Living Green World Blues” Art Lillsrd & Michael Jefry Stevens

“Perfect Dream”

Wendy Jones Quartet

 “Variations on a Master Plan”

Conference Call

“Side Effects – Trio Generations” Artists Recording Collective” ARC

“The Wish”
The Fonda/Stevens Group

Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson

“Trading Post” 
Southern Excursion Quartet

“Michael Jefry Stevens” Mountain Chamber Jazz Ensemble

“Tale of Two in One”
Jon Hemmersam

“The Survivor´s Suite:
Michael Jefry Stevens “Solo Piano

“Live at Streamside”
Michael Jefry Stevens Octet 

Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson Trio

Griffith/Stevens Quartet

“Short Stories”  Michael Jefry Stevens/Mark Whitecage

“Remembering the Future” Jon Hemmersam Group

“Red’s Blues” Michael Jefry Stevens Quartet

“Conference Call”

“Portrait in Red, Michael Jefry Stevens” Solo Piano

“Points of View”  Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson

“Play” Michael Jefry Stevens/Michael Rabinowitz

“Parallel Lines”
The Fonda/Stevens Group

Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson

“Live at the Outpost Performance Space” Conference Call

“The Slope”

“One of a Kind” Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson

“Novella” Sorgen, Rust, Stevens Trio

“Any Other Time” Nicole Metzger

“Mountain Song”

“Today, this Moment” The Mosaic Sextet

“Mosaic Sextet”

“For Andrew” Michael Jefry Stevens Trio

“That’s What I Want to Do” Nicole Metzger and the NY Connection

“Live at Alte Paketpost” The Fonda/Stevens Group

Mark Whitecage and Liquid Time

“Freedom of Choice” The Jazzic Trio

“Only Love” Griffith/Stevens Quartet Artists Recording Collective – ARC


“Duets” Stevens – DeCristofaro – Artists Recording Collective (ARC)

“Moving Stills” In Transit

“The Innocence of Spring” Don Aliquo/
Michael Jefry Stevens

“The Healing” The Fonda/Stevens Group

“Duets for Percussion and Piano” Michael Jefry Stevens/Phil Haynes 

“Hand In Poerty”

“Haiku” Michael Jefry Stevens/Mark Feldman – Leo Records

“Get Out of Town”  Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson

“Live from Spielboden” The Fonda/Stevens Group

“Live from Brugge” The Fonda/Stevens Group

“For the Children” Michael Jefry Stevens Quartet

“Forgotten Wish” Art Lillard – Michael Jefry Stevens Quartet

“Forever Real”  The Fonda/Stevens Group

“Trio”  The Fonda/Stevens Group Trio

“Folk Five”

“Flow” The Generations Quartet 

“The Final Answer” Conference Call

 “Hop Frog”  Ewald Hugle Quartet

“Equinox” The Equinox Trio

“Elements” Stevens/Duval Quintet

“Live at De Werf Eastern Boundary Quartet”  Artists Recording Collective

“Live at Jazzforum Bayreuth” Eastern Boundary Quartet 

“Icicles”  Eastern Boundary Quartet

“Twelve Improvisations” The Fonda/Stevens Group

“Decade” Sorgen, Rust, Stevens Trio

“The Core-tet Project”

“Seven” Conference Call Quartet

“Spirals – the Berlin Concert” Conference Call

“Poetry in Motion” Conference Call

“Live at the Bunker” The Fonda/Stevens Group

“In the Tradition” Stevens, Cayolle, Wires

“Brass Tactics”

“The Wall” Brain Inventory Trio

“Eastern Boundary Quartet”

“Bottoms Out” Joe Fonda/Scott Miller Ensemble

“What About….?”  Conference Call Quartet

“Original Music for Septet” Art Lillard – Michael Jefry Stevens 

“Angel’s Dance”


“Joyce Cobb”

“Anzix” Szilard Mezei/Michael Jefry Stevens Duo

“Live from Katowicz” Fonda/Stevens Trio plus “2”

“Upcast” Szilard Mezei/Jon Hemmersam/Michael Jefry Stevens Trio

“Dear Jonas” Jon Hemmersam/Michael Jefry Stevens Duo

“Shifting Moods” In Transit Quartet

“Memphis”  The Fonda/Stevens Group

“A Scent in Motion” Sorgen, Rust, Stevens Trio