Michael Jefry Stevens

Vocal Charts

I have had the fortune and pleasure of working with a variety of great vocalists including Miles Griffith, Mary Cleere Haran, Suzanne Vega, Dakota Staton, David Clayton Thomas, Terry Roiger, Annie Sellick, Joyce Cobb, Roseanna Vitro, Wendy Jones, Roberta Baum, Nicole Metzger, and many others.  

These vocal compositions span a wide range of styles including jazz swing, blues, ballad, latin, funk, rock and classical art song. Each piece can easily be transposed into the key of your choice.

All Vocal charts are priced from $9.95 to $19.95.

EASY  I don’t usually write lyrics but I did compose the lyrics to this tune.  The feel is a medium latin groove.  The chord changes move slowly enough for most intermediate students and above.  

This can be transposed to any vocal key necessary.

DIFFICULT  The music was composed in the early 2000’s.  The words came much later.  This is a haunting “art song” with a very long form and unusual harmonies.  The improvisation happens at the vamp towards the very end of the piece. This is one of my favorite compositions and has been recorded both instrumentally and vocally.

DIFFICULT  I wrote the words and music at the same time. This composition was composed in the late 1990’s and is written for piano and voice.  A very romantic piece of music.

MEDIUM  This was an assignment by Jimmy Heath when I was studying for my Master’s Degree at Queens College.  He asked us to write music for a text.  I picked this short Langston Hughes poem and am very happy with the result.  

The harmonies move through various ii-V-I cycles.  A good piece from beginner to advanced.

EASY This song is lots of fun to play and sing.  It has a deep 12/8 blues groove.  Changes are not difficult.  Great for beginners! This can be transposed to any vocal key necessary

EASY This is one of my earliest compositions.  Starts off in a Latin groove and swings on the bridge.  Changes are interesting but not too complicated

DIFFICULT:  This composition is almost atonal in nature.  The piano part is written out but there are changes that can be played over.  The melody is extremely atonal and difficult to sing. 

MEDIUM:  This piece is my anthem about the danger of too much electronic media.  The piece is pretty straightforward.  The only difficulty is the alternating 3/4 and 4/4 meters.