Michael Jefry Stevens

Folk Five

Musicians on the recording

  • Joe Fonda - bass,
  • Michael Jefry Stevens - piano,
  • Harvey Sorgen - Drums
  • Herb Robertson - Trumpet
  • Irek Wojtczak - Saxophone and Bass Clarinet

Recording track list

CD 1

  1. As I Wait 7:03
  2. Poetry in Motion 9:05
  3. 29 Shoes 9:29
  4. The Path 5:12
  5. Bald Eagle 11:55

CD 2

  1. The Shining Star 9:53
  2. Quirky Waltz 5:20
  3. A Map Would Help 12:22
  4. Desert... Bleue... East... 7:36
  5. Back to School 12:00

Release Info

ForTune Records 2015

This CD was recorded in the Summer of 2014 in Warsaw, Poland.  The Fonda/Stevens Group featuring Joe Fonda, Herb Robertson, Harvey Sorgen and myself on piano were invited to Poland to perform and record this music with the talented Polish saxophonist /composer Irek Wojtczak.  Irek had arranged a number of Polish folk melodies for jazz quintet.  This recording is very special for us.  Each track features a blend of both modern jazz (free improv) style performance while at the same time paying tribute to these ancient and historical Polish folk melodies.

“Folk Five” - ForTune Records 2015

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